Jacqueline M Byrne

About the artist: 

instagram: @jacquelinembyrne.   e.mail: jacquibyrne@btinternet.com.   Phone: +44 (0)1305 871279

Jacqueline M Byrne is a Subject and Site Responsive artist who’s work visually interprets subjects like ‘memory awakening and loss’. The art Byrne makes is often environmentally inspired, using natural processing methods. Illustrating themes that examine ‘Trace’ and ‘Memory’ through mediums as various as film, plant ash, site found objects and photography.  

Originally from Ireland, Byrne completed a 3 year Masters in Fine Art at Open College of the Arts (UCA) in 2019.

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Through research, contemplation, material processing, and utilising a variety of media, Byrne’s resolved work varies from installation experiences like ‘Lost – A journey through the fragile mind’ which explores our perception and relationship with, memory loss.  To finished collections of work, like the ‘seed’ collection, that visually examines difference but also prompts a dialogue about our relationship with nature, planting and growing.

Byrne also has ongoing, open ended, ‘in-progress and in-process’ collections which, she continues to examine, interpret and make.  A couple of examples are her ‘Walks boxes’ and ‘Ephemeral Captured’ collections.

‘Walks boxes’ is a project that is processed through experiential immersion in the psychogeography of place.  Where the artist walks is a specific location and documents the experience through found objects and a written applied narrative, made following the walk.   The finished ‘Walks box’ effectively becoming an experience capsules.  Byrne has made many ‘Walks boxes’ and has invited other artists around the world, whom she studied with, to make ‘Walks boxes’ in their space, be that, China, Scotland, USA, Sweeden, the ‘Walks Boxes’ grows expansively in geography and artistic style. Increasingly widening the geographical and participatory boundaries of the work.  So far 20 ‘Walks boxes’ are in this growing collection.   Another ongoing collection ‘Ephemeral Captured’ is a slower paced series of figurative paintings. Made over time and intended to illustrate experienced accents in time, that hold a significant emotion or memory.   These and other works can be viewed on this website under the drop down menus or by contacting the artists.

Alongside exhibited collections and installations, Jacqueline M Byrne’s work is published in International Contemporary Artists Books 2015 & 2016. 

Current and recent Exhibitions:

New Artwork: by The Salon Collective:  18 September to 30 October at The Lighthouse, Poole, Dorset, UK.  –  I’ll be showing some new sculptural pieces from my ‘cut off – built up’ collection.

Lockdown 2020:  An online exhibition of ongoing responsive work can be viewed here and on instagram: @jacquelinembyrne .  From 9th April 2020 until lockdown is over or nature absorbs them:     ‘Prayer Flowers’ and ‘Renewal’ are two outside installations. Inspired by the mandala and made using woven vine tendrils.  Intended as meditative installations to send love to the world.

Sichuan Institute of Contemporary Art, China: Images from aTE exchanges (see below details) – April – June 2021

Beijing, China: Images from aTE exchanges (see below details) 13th December 2019 – closed, re-opened 2021. ‘A Stitch in Time’ at Today Art Museum, Beijing.

Dorset, UK: 23 Nov. 2019 – 08 Jan. 2020  –  (Now Closed) Lighthouse, Kingland Road, Poole, Dorset BH15 1UG.

Lockdown 2020:  ‘Prayer Flowers’ and ‘Renewal’ two outside installations. sending love to the world.

See the videos and more photos of the ‘Prayer Flowers’ and ‘Renewal’ on the dropdown menus.

Beijing and Sichuan, China: Images of my work shown alongside my aTE partner Arminée Chahbazian.  We have been collaborating and exchanging our artistic territories since 2017:

Arts Territory Exchange: – “The Arts Territory Exchange is part of ‘A Stitch in Time’ A major exhibition at Today Art Museum in Beijing and part of Documents Today an international ongoing triennial exhibition. The exhibition was to run from 13th December 2019 to March 15th 2020, but had to close due to Covid19.  It opened again in 2021 and in June moved to Sichuan Institute of Contemporary Art, China.

See aTE write up and images from their website on the Sichuan exhibition here: https://www.artsterritoryexchange.com/sichuan-institute-of-contemporary-art

See aTE write up on Beijing exhibition here: https://www.artsterritoryexchange.com/a-stich-in-time.
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exhibition poster

UK:    23 Nov. 2019 – 08 Jan. 2020  (Now Closed)-   Lighthouse, Kingland Road, Poole, Dorset BH15 1UG.  Alongside fellow members of the ‘Salon’, a grouping within Dorset Visual Arts. I have been given the opportunity to exhibit my installation ‘Lost – A journey through the fragile mind’.  My final MA Fine Art piece that was exhibited earlier at the ‘Duodecimal’ exhibition.

IMG_4580 2 ‘Lost – A journey through the fragile mind’

Below: Following a three venue exhibition, over 4 months, ‘Outside the lines’ finished its 2019 exhibition run on 27th November 2019.   It would be lovely to see this collection exhibited again in a new venue / exhibition space in 2020.

Version 2

Image from the exhibition of ‘Outside the Lines’

‘Outside the Lines’, was inspired by young eco warriors around the world who endeavour to highlight the effects of climate change.

A note from the artist:  “Outside the Lines’ is dedicated to all young people who have stepped ‘outside their lines’ to highlight ecological imbalance and bring their environmental concerns to a wider audience. Visually and meaningfully this work is rendered in an Abstract Expressionist style using both new and recycled wax crayons on primed, cotton covered board. Three exhibition dates for this collection:

‘Outside the Lines’ exhibition dates:

9 Aug – 4 Sept 2019: upstairs at Tuga, 43 Maiden St, Weymouth, Dorset DT4 8AZ, UK.

4 Sept – 2 Oct 2019:  The Engine Room, Poundbury, Dorset DT1 3RT, UK.

30 Oct – 27 Nov 2019:  The Octagon, Pummery Square, Poundbury, Dorset DT1 3GW

Cambridge UK:  ‘Put this in your window and think of me’

31 Aug – 30 Sept 2019: A dual location Arts Territory Exchange Exhibition between the ‘Window and Silver Street, (Department of Land Economy) and Cambridge Artworks ArtSpace (Greens Road)

Other exhibited artworks:

‘Plant Ash’:  Part of the ‘Plant Ash’ collection is exhibited as part of the ‘Living with the Art‘.  A rolling exhibition of works at Orchard View and Hazel Copse Cottages.  Stays bookable through: For Hazel Copse Cottage click on this link:
and Orchard View Cottage click on this link:

2019 Earlier Exhibitions:

14 June – 29 June 2019


OCA (Open College of the Arts) MA group exhibition

Civic Centre, Barnsley. UK.

Jacqueline’s work for this exhibition titled ‘Lost – A journey through the fragile mind‘ can be viewed as part of the ‘Duodecimal’ exhibition, alongside the 12 strong global cohort at:


Or instagram: duodecimalart  and  jacquelinembyrne

Duodecimal Review link: https://www.oca.ac.uk/weareoca/fine-art/reflecting-on-duodecimal/

2018 Exhibitions 

12 Sept. – 10 Oct 2018
Plant Ash
The Engine Room
Poundbury Gardens, Peverell Ave.
Dorchester, Dorset DT1 3RT, UK.

10 Oct 2018 – (end date flexible)
‘Plant Ash’ selection of works from this exhibition moved to ‘Living with the Art’ exhibition at Orchard View and Hazel Copse Cottages.  Stays bookable through: http://www.coastalfarmholidaycottages.co.uk

06 April 2018

‘Footprint’ from ‘Plant Ash’  exhibited at

Earth Action Initiative Climate Art Show,
UC Berkeley, 2475 Bancroft Way,
Berkeley, California, CA 94720,
Exhibiting the collaborative ash work  titled ‘Footprints’ with American artist
Arminee Chahbazian.

2017 Exhibitions

Jan 2017 – May 2017
Hauser and Wirth, Somerset, UK. – ‘The Land we Live in The Land we Left Behind’. Honesty shop – Bookmarks from the fragmented ‘Ash 1’ canvas were left to be gifted to visitors.

2016 Exhibitions

Sept 2016 – Sept 2017
‘Hix’ Academy Restaurant, Weymouth, Dorset, UK. – The 75 tiny Plant Ash Canvases on 3 1m x 1m panels were exhibited in the restaurant.  The work was later moved and is currently exhibited as part of the ‘Living with the Art’ exhibition at Orchard View and Hazel Copse Cottages.  Stays bookable through: For Hazel Copse Cottage click on this link:
and Orchard View Cottage click on this link:

Contact the Artist to Exhibit, Commission or Purchase

If you are an individual or you represent an organisation or institution and are interested in exhibiting, commissioning or purchasing any of Jacqueline’s collections or individual works then please contact her by e.mail at:  jacquibyrne@btinternet.com