Title: ‘Cut down, Built up’ Is a series of new sculptural pieces I’m working on. Where I’m exploring balance in relation to sustainability and the built environment. To make the sculptures I’m using off cuts from certified Sapele, a hard wood from the African rainforest, also know as African Mahogany.

Cut Down, Built up 1.

Title: ‘The Sculptor’ – Recycled metal, resin, gold leaf.  This should be viewed while listening to the spoken recording below the image. Inspired by Aeolian (natural wind shaping) processes and the shape of some trees along the coast where I live.  The south-westerlies have literally sculpted these trees in their path, over many years.

Version 2

Title: ‘Sketch against the sky 1’ – recycled farm wire


Title: ‘Sketch against the sky 2’ – recycled farm wire


Title: ‘Architectural shaping’ – recycled metal, wood, mirror

Version 2

Title: ‘Sun rise, Sun set’ – Hollowed out tree trunk on stone plinth.  This sculpture is placed east-west.



Title: ‘Tree shaping’ – Wood, gold leaf.  This piece takes advantage of the organic shaping found in nature.


Title: ‘Spirits Rising: – After a visit to a car wreckage scrap yard I began experimenting with printing techniques.  A couple of the pieces are under the printing menu.  The inspiration for the sculpture below came from seeing human hand imprints on a crashed windscreen in the yard.  It is made using the smashed windscreen glass I collected there, the remainder coming from a large pane of toughened glass which I shattered. This was a very emotional piece to work on.


Below:  ‘Spirits rising’ took many months to make, it was a very gradual process of experimenting. Placing and layering, waiting for the layers to dry before repeating and shaping.

Title: ‘The plight of the honey bee’ – Recycled mirror, gold leaf, olive tree pollen, lifeless bee.