Ash 1 – Bookmarks – from a series of 3 canvases titled Ash 1, 2 & 3.  View all three on the ‘Canvases’ menu on this website.

You may be here because you received one of the bookmarks. Each bookmark a fragment of the ‘Ash 1’ canvas.  Take a look below at the re-assembled canvas.  You might be able to find your bookmark.

‘Ash 1’ bookmarks is intended to re-imagine the seasonality and cyclicality of the planting calendar.   The Bookmarks themselves like scattered seeds.

Fractured into over 900 bookmarks.  Each piece of canvas is laid over paper which, on the reverse, has a message to the recipient, is numbered, signed and laminated to preserve it.

The above footage shows ‘Ash 1’ re-assembled.  Some of the bookmarks were then gifted to individuals and various art institutions.  The remainder will be available at forthcoming exhibitions.


Above, the re-assembled ‘Ash 1’ – Each bookmark is numbered as follows:            C1(canvas 1) R 1-12 (Rows 1 to 12 laid out above right (1) to left (12) and numbered 1/75 which goes top to bottom in each row.)

Below is a couple of still images of the bookmarks laid out on the floor when complete.