Lockdown 2020

The work I made during Lockdown 2020 are: 

1: ‘Prayer Flowers’ and ‘Renewal’, two outside installations that were inspired in part by the mandala.  My way of sending love to the world in a time of uncertainty.

2: ‘Walking with my shadow on a sunny day’ is a short film that was intended to reflect the loneliness and isolation felt by many people during lockdown.

3: ‘Waiting’ I wanted to make something that reflected the shared experience of being locked down with only limited movement (for exercise) allowed .  I made a short film while out on a lockdown walk.  It finds me behind the camera taking time to stop and stare at a field of daisies that are rooted to the ground, their movement limited and governed by the wind. 

4: ‘Their souls take flight’ Most recently, I made a series of simple drawings on paper, canvas and wood.  This work is intended as a mark of respect to the hundreds of thousands of people worldwide who lost their lives to coronavirus.

‘Prayer Flowers’ and ‘Renewal’ + responsive pieces below:

Two outside installation inspired by the mandala that I made using woven vine tendrils. my way of  “sending love to the world”. J



Other Responsive works:

‘walking with my shadow on a sunny day’ is a short filmed piece reflecting isolation and loneliness felt by some people during lockdown.  Showing the human as shadow with diminished presence.   ‘sunny day’ conversely refers to the conditions necessary to make the shadow but also references the environment of sunshine and happiness that exists externally.


Similar to the above short film, the simple sketchbook piece below is a watercolour on paper of a shadow reflected in water.  Titled : ‘watercolour reflection’



‘Waiting’ is a short film made as I walked alone through the wild meadow field brimming with oxeye daisies in bloom. What I found interesting and comparative, was the singularity of each bloom and their shared response to the elements.  


‘Their Souls Take Flight’ is one of many simple drawings made on canvas, paper, wood and other surfaces. I am also drawing onto earlier pieces of work.

Intended as a mark of respect to those who have lost their lives to the Coronavirus.

‘Their Souls Take Flight’ Oil on paper from my sketchbook.
‘Their Souls Take Flight’ Pencil and pastel on wood
‘Their Souls Take Flight’ Ink on wood

Going forward: This project, the tragedy, the sentiment and the simplicity of ‘Their Souls take flight’ is moving me to create a much larger scale gallery piece, which I intend to work on over the coming months.