Film 2 – Day

The 3 canvases in this series were made using fire ash and residual charcoal from wood fires made in an outside fire pit and an inside wood burning stove.  The canvases were marked outside using natural materials to hand, such as, twigs, leaves and branches.  The process began with the first canvas, which after marking was layered with ash and left to absorb the elements  before the second and third canvases were layered on top and the steps repeated at roughly 3 week intervals. The weathering process took approximately 3 months through predominantly stormy weather.

Here in this short film you see work in progress, left to right Ash 1, 2 and 3.  still marked by the wind and rain and with the ash still clinging to them.

This series of works were created outside and visually reflect the stormy weather conditions during making as well as the natural weathering that occurred over 3 months while the canvases absorbed the elements.