If you need assistance with selection or simply an overview of the aesthetic curation of your art works or collection within a space, I offer an artwork advisory and curation service.

For independent guidance and help in selecting artworks to fit your home or business environments.  I provide personal single space advice, selecting artworks for consideration. Or assist in commissioning  environment specific installations, artworks or collections.  By responding to location and through careful selection, commissioning and curation, either independently, or alongside your stylist, interior architect or designer, I can help determine and bring together an artistic aesthetic that suits your personal and/or business environment.

Please e.mail if you are interested in engaging me on an artwork consultancy basis at:

Below is an overview of my artwork, which includes installations, photography, drawing and painting, land art, sculpture, collage and printing.  These artworks vary in size from small items that fit in your hand to Installations that were designed for display in large outside or gallery settings. Not included here are a small selection of video and sound works. These along with a wider selection of my work can be viewed on other menus on this website.