‘Walks’ is an ongoing project that I developed in 2016.  Initially walking alone, close to home, I have since expanded both the geography of the walk and the concept to include artists from around the world that I have met through my MA.  Also, locally walking with artists.  In a collaborative experiential walk, collecting and documenting.  So far the project has about 30 walks boxes in all.


This project looks at walking and collecting, exploring randomness and order.  collecting small items that would fit into a small compartmentalised box while walking.  A second layer is as a written documentary layer noting the location and experience.  The walker becoming the storyteller.  These walks boxes are intended as a conduit to meaning.  A means of viewing the location of the walk its history, its people, its geology and further, the story generated through its process.

Expanding the geography of the walks:  I initially began walking close to home and gradually expanded the geography.

Inviting other artists to walk and document. Developing a psychogeographical layer:

Wanting to physically distance myself. I invited my fellow artists on the MA to collaborate.  Geographically expanding the project. I asked them to go through the same process, walking, collecting, ordering, documenting.

I sent boxes to some artists and they placed their items themselves.  Others sent the items and I placed them.

In an attempt to emotionally connect I challenged myself to summarise their experience alongside my interpretation into a single word

Stillness and meditation was added to my own process in the further walks I made in this collection.  It is an ongoing expanding work which I hope to exhibit in the not too distant future.

my garden

Around Bridport with Claudia