Canvases titled Ash 1, 2 and 3 after weathering.  The initial marks made are still visible along with microbiome marks and colouring made by nature.  To see close up images view the ‘Detail’ menu above.


Ash 1 (before the canvas was fractured and disseminated)


Ash 2


Ash 3

About these three canvases:  As with the rest of the Ashes collection Jacqueline engages with the organic farming practice of fire making.  An ancient method of clearing scrub and overgrown areas, burning the material and using the residual ash as a potassium rich fertiliser.   Using fire ash as a material for the work, she performed the making of Ash 1 outside at night, mark making the canvas with twigs, leaves and material to hand. When complete, Ash 1 was fractured and disseminated as a Bookmark seed to echo the cyclical seasonality of the planting calendar.  The process of layering and weathering Ash 1, 2 and 3 took approximately 3 months outside on her farm, through sometimes freezing, stormy, winter weather.

The two films ‘Ash Day and Night’ show the work in process and progress and reflect the conditions the work was made in and the outside nature of farming life.