Ash 1 – pre-Fracturing

This, Ash 1 is the canvas that was fractured into over 900 pieces.  Each piece was made into a numbered and signed bookmark before being distributed.


Ash 1 (before the canvas was fractured and disseminated)

This series of works were created outside and reflect the stormy weather conditions during making and the natural weathering that occurred over 3 months.

The work can be interpreted around the cyclical seeding, germination, growth and harvesting that is part of farming life.

There are 3 canvases in this series.  This first canvas was made by the artist using fire ash and residual charcoal from an outside fire pit at night in stormy weather.  Using natural materials to hand, such as, twigs, leaves and branches.  The artist, echoed the stormy elements as she performed the mark making onto the surface.  The canvas was then layered with more ash and allowed to weather through predominantly freezing stormy weather.  Before a second and third canvas was layered on top and the process repeated in 3 week intervals.