Earth Food Life

‘Earth Food Life’ is a number of limited edition preserve collections inspired by the 2018 exhibition titled ‘The land we live in, the land we left behind’ at Hauser & Wirth in Somerset, UK.  At which, I left a selection of my ‘Ash panel’ bookmarks to be given to visitors. I find myself revisiting this exhibition now and then.  The art in this show, particularly  items that reflected the way earlier settlers to the USA  produced, processed and preserved the food they needed.  I’m interested in how this kind of making, including process finished items are depicted in as art items, and which formed, and informed that gallery exhibition.

I have made preserves of one kind or another for many years.  This making process variously resembles the making process in much of my art.  ie. Using whats to hand within the landscape, items that reflect or  infer meaning.  Likewise my preserves and other makings sometimes reflect my everyday life, and in this case, with my preserve making, the connections between growing, making, eating and pleasure.  On this page you’ll see images of some of the preserves I’ve made from our home grown produce.  I find wording the labels a fun and somewhat creative part of the process, to add a little artistic flourish I ‘limited edition’ some batches.  Each batch is different, as I mix and match the flavours.  Is it art?  Well, for me its more an extension of my creativity, a part of my everyday life, and as mentioned earlier a response to the Exhibition which I thought might be interesting to share.

Above: A simple everyday Bread and Butter Chutney

Above: A more decadent Fig and wine preserve. (note the limited edition numbering)

Home grown apples and plums,  picked and ready for making


Above: Blackcurrant liqueur similar to Cassis


The fire ash bookmarks (over 900) mentioned earlier.  Some of which I left for visitors to take from the honesty shop at ‘The land we live in, the land we left behind’ exhibition at Hauser & Wirth, in Somerset, UK.